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Lux Smoke became Wisconsin’s most popular vape shop. Not only is it a terrific location to unwind and vape, but it also has simple parking. Any vaper, from beginner to expert, can enjoy individualized care, excellent expertise, and amazing goods. Lux Smoke is proud of its excellent standards, which have earned it local and national acclaim.
If you’re a current cigarette smoker seeking a better alternative, the professionals at Lux Smoke will help you transition from the old standard to something far better than you’ll ever dream of.

We only sell to business owners that have a valid business license. We have American Smoking Glasses, European Smoking Glasses, Hand Pipes, Water Pipes, Smoking Accessories, Branded Vaporizers, Pod Systems, Popular E-liquids, and Salt Base E-liquids among our smoking items. Lux Smoke Shop is in a better position to regulate demand and supply to keep product prices stable. We provide a wide range of items at a reasonable price. Lux Smoke Shop offers dealers invaluable guidance on all aspects of the new product. Lux Smoke Shop’s website offers safe and secure online buying. LUX SMOKE CLUB is the premier Vapor Store in WISCONSIN, carrying only the best and highest quality vapor products and mods! Our main goal is to help our customers manage their addiction to traditional tobacco and cigarettes to gradually move to vape as the only alternative to smoking cigarettes. We carry 100% American-made E-liquid including 99% VG E-liquid. We have variable voltage devices and a huge variety of mechanical mods and the standard Ego Style batteries and accessories.
 LUX SMOKE CLUB offers an E-liquid tasting bar with over 180 different flavors, The highly experienced staff at LUX SMOKE CLUB can teach the novice person the safest and most accurate way to build and rebuild RBA and RDA devices. LUX SMOKE CLUB is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.